666, the number of dooooom!

I'm not much of a comic reader and I never was. They're to short for me. Every time you get wrapped up in a story it gets cut off and you have to wait till next week. I only buy full story comic books occasionally. Give me a real book or a good DVD instead any day....

This one is different though. I've never seen such extremes of violence or sex in one comic book. In fact, I think this is the only comic book that combines extreme sex with extreme violence and then throws in some nuclear explosions for good measure.

The story is really just an excuse for the sex and violence to follow. Demonic hordes invade earth led by a good looking succubus named Lilith. The Vatican and other religious institutions react by unleashing father Carmody, the expert on demon hunting.

What follows is an explosion of gut ripping violence, ridiculous amounts of sexual scenes and some of the most twisted humour you'l ever encounter. At one point there's a scene of a reporter getting raped by a demon live on television and the generals in the pentagon get to watch it first hand! You must have a sick mind to come up with that.... Good thing that sick minds usually deliver the best stuff!

The highlight was of course the destruction of Paris in an apocalyptic battle and the coming of the Jews. The chosen sons of Israel show why noone should fuck with them and bring to battle the sword of David, the arc of the covenant and even the holy grail (which is promptly put to good use in a holy grail gun. Really.) Even the pope joins the fray in his new and improved pope mobile, which sports a battle cannon of holy water.

Its the most insane comic I ever laid eyes on. So full of depraved deranged lunacy that I just had to buy it... After 7 books you'd think they run out of inspiration for apparently parts 8 to 12 are on the way.... I feel my own sanity hanging by a thread.

Well, I betetr be off and read some more of it. It calls me in a strange and sorta neat way.


The cover of episode 6 where father carmody finally faces of with Lilith.


666 rules!


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