Its a marvellous thing to witness. Someone who comes at you, saying things and doing things while having that air of superiority around him. He/she is fully convinced that he's not only better then you, he's MILES above you. You're just a little worm when compared to him/her as far as he/she is concerned. In fact, its often so that you say things to to him/her while you get a look of complete disinterest. Marvellous.

So what is true arrogance? I thought I knew a few people that were arrogant but true arrogance is fairly rare. Thats because there are misconceptions about what it means to be arrogant. Arrogance is often believed to come from insecurity. Someone feels insecure about himself and therefore goes about, pretending he's better then everybody else. This is ture in some cases but those people aren't arrogant, they're just transparently stupid. Nobody falls for their act and they get laughed at behind their backs. They deserve this by the way. Most people deserve to get laughed at behind their backs. Its a evolution thing.....


Take a brief look at the picture. Not to long or your retina may burn out. This guy managed to pretend he was asleep while in a bus of singing people who came from a bellydancer party. Right. You are asleep. Uh-huh.

The truth is of course that he was transparently attempting to avoid human contact. Probably out of insecurity. This guy was laughed at behind his back for the remainder of the trip. And rightly so. Fake arrogance is awful, stupid and transparent. Don't do it!


Another example of false arrogance can be symptoms of anger combined with attempts at leadership. That can sometimes give very nasty results as your good intentions are misinterpreted and you're hated for being a bad leader, a poor example and a mean person. Usually, nobody gives a damn.

Look at the person to the left. This is another example of false arrogance. Not his own fault though. He's actually the type who hands out beer when he can but is often misssen as being arrogant saying stuff like 'I don't owe you any explanation'. Well yeah, technically thats true but its not unreasonable to ask something about the work we're doing, right?

Anyway, after workhours everything's fine and that goes a long way in making things right. Long way indeed.


Back to the original question! What is true arrogance? I'm still convinced that real arrogance comes from intelligence. Its not thinking that you're better then anyone else. Its knowing that you're better then anyone else. Imagine thinking about post-modernism while you're forced to talk to someone about the teletubbies. Don't know what post-modernism is? Not much bloody chance of ever becoming truly arrogant then!

Its not really worth it anyway. Those select few people I've met I'd truly call arrogant are also social hermits and shun most human contact. Thats fine. Don't bother us with your uninteresting stares and little manners. Stay away from us regular people!


Arrogance sucks!


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