More alcohol philosophy!

The following is a little conversation i had at the warhammer club last day. Don't bother understanding the warhammer terms if you don't know the game. Focus for a moment and try and spot who is the asshole in it:


Second person: "You placed that tomb scorpion in front of the dwarfs so you could charge and then crash into the tombguards."

Me: "Wow, I was pretty smart."

Third person: "Yeah well, you didn't drink that much back then."

Second person: "It was a few years back but I remembered it because it was so funny to watch."

Me: "Damn, I don't remember that. Sounds funny indeed!"

Third person: "Well, if you don't drink so much you remember more."


So who was the asshole in this little conversation? Lets make this painfully easy......If you thought either me or second person then you are WRONG!

I hate people who think they can decide whats good and whats bad. Its none of their damn business and they need to shut the hell up. The sooner they get this in their thick pathetic skulls, the better. I'l handle my stuff the way I handle it and you SHUT THE HELL UP! Its not difficult is it? Its not like you are commanded to speak even when no one askes you, or when someone is clearly annoyed to the bone with your smartass unwanted comments. Just shut the hell up! Shut up shut up shut up!!!

Why the hell would you assume that my apparent memory loss is due to alcohol anyway? You haven't taken into consideration the possibility that I might suffer from one of the 129 varieties of brain tissue cancer or have developped some other ailment that causes memory loss. Perhaps it just wasn't all that interesting to me me or I couldn't recall that particular situation. Nobody remembers every single experience they ever had!

You just grabbed your opportunity to bring your personal gripe with alcohol in the conversation and went with it. The alcohol caused my memory loss? This remark made you nothing more but a presumptuous asswipe! Shut the hell up!

So what is the underlying filosophical message here? I guess I don't really have one but that noone needs to tell me what to do. I don't care. I'l lead my life and you drudge on in your pathetic excuse for an existence. Just leave me out of it........

Alcohol-whiners sucks!


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Beer is lord. No doubts. No pain.