Preparing for the blues brothers

In a few days I'l be heading for Paradiso in Amsterdam for a 'clash of the coverbands'. One of the bands playing there and competing for the finals is the Blues brothers coverband.

The original Blues brothers.Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi


I haven't been a fan of many bands. I've only seen concerts of Bruce Springsteen, the Dire straits and the Rolling stones (oh, and Michael jackson but I was little and stupid back then.) I suppose that makes me old and old fashioned but frankly I don't care. If I don't like music that is made these days then I turn to the oldies. Its that simple. And often better.

The Blues brothers were an invention of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. The name was a piece of irony since the band never had any intention of playing much blues. Instead they covered rock n roll and jazz songs made by other artists. So in essense they were a coverband themselves but they lifted their type of music to a great level, giving a new twist to old songs like Elvis' jailhouse rock. John belushi met his untimely demise in 1982 but the music lives on.

I'l be seeing a great coverband of the same name and music this saturday. That merits the question, how to prepare for a good music event, especially if you don't go to one all that often? For this purpose I've come up with a few simple to follow steps:


1. Save money. Sounds obvious but often it isn't. Save money for the amounts of alcohol you'l be drinking. Do not forget this.

2. Overdosis. This step simply means listening to a lot of music of the band you'l be visiting. Stop this practise exactly one week before the event.

3. Sensory depravation. Stop listening to the music of the band you're going to for a whole week right after the overdosis. Instead listen to appalingly bad music (Girls aloud, Vengaboys) with some regularity. Once you get tingling fingers and the urge to eat more then you can handle, stop. You have achieved the correct mental state.

4. Alcohol. On the day itself start drinking alcohol early. Alcohol enhances all the experiences you have and the more you get the intenser the musical experience will be. This is a good thing.

5. Enjoy. That one speaks for itself. Don't destroy any busstops on your way home.


With these easy to follow steps any musical event will have that much more depth. Try it some time.


The Blues brothers will rule!



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