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Sorry, what?

With great difficulty I am still playing World of Warcraft. While my more insane friends and contemporaries have long since reached level 80 I find it harder and harder to move on. The realization that I'm not quite as insane as other people is sinking in and I'm not liking it.

But anyway, sometimes its worth the time and money invested in it. There's an awesome quest line that anyone would love to complete. The quest line leading up to the Wrath gate battle was one of them. Here, I have to prove I'm the Alliance's greatest hero by slaying dragons, turning back undead and generally be badass. It takes so much freaking time it would make hordes of lesser minds go batshit bonkers. And it did. The number of moronic warcraft players has never been higher and I blame Wrath of the lich king for melting their brains.

So there I am, the greatest hero of the alliance, as proclaimed by several people who were important like Bolvar Fordragon, high boss of humans. The attack on the Lich king comes. In movie form! And then this happens:


WAAAAGH! Wait, why am I not in this?


Oh crap, its the lich king! Uhm, where am I?


Yeah yeah, hold on Arthas. I gotta figure this out. I'm not in this am I?


Why the flying fuck am I not in this?

How did they leave their 'greatest hero' home but brought tons of anonymous blue wearing footmen? Fucking blueshirts!


I suppose I should see some benefit to not being there as everyone is gassed but I'm still too pissed for being left out.

Fuck you, Bolvar!


Oh look, dragons are scorching the place. If I didn't feel so damn left out I'd maybe care.

Exactly where was I during the most epic thing in Warcraft history?


Right. Safe up there. When the game goes back to me its revealed that I was standing up a rock all the time. Safe and sound. I was left out like a kid who gets picked last by his classmates. Like...someone who is left out. Fuck, this blows. And it doesn't make sense. Why would Bolvar leave his 'greatest hero' at home?

Then, after doing epic quests like 'bring the shield home' I called it a day. Surely other people cared about this 'left out' business. I quickly found that they didn't. A quick glance at You Tube confirmed this for me.

Ok, this lack of outrage might be explained by the fact that most You Tube commenters are already morons to begin with. Hasn't anyone else noticed this outrage at all then? Anonymous blueshirts die like cattle while greatest hero stands atop rock doing nothing? Anyone?

I guess not. Brains are already far to melted to notice this. Ah well.


Warcraft still sucks!


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