The best English has to offer.

Do your friends know more of the English language then you? Do you constantly have to deal with lame jokes like 'English language pounds Anton for 50 gold'?

Well, no more!

Especially for all you linguistically challenged people out there, I've made a handy list of overly complicated wordsto use in your online enterprises. Just one of these will convince anyone of your outstanding knowledge of the English language.

Tally ho!



The flying Dutchman's list of overly complicated English words:


-Aloof (above everyone else)

-Aloft (high!)

-Excruciating (very painful)

-Procrastination (putting things out till tomorrow indefinately)

-Gobbledygook (nonsense)

-Serendipity (extreme coincidence making people think it was intended by destiny all along)

-Plethora (lots of choice, like 'a plenthora of food')

-fictive (made up)

-troglodyte (primitive lifeform)

-Superfluous (unneccessary)

-Morbidity (nastyness)

-Juggernaut (big scary thing)

-Plebeian (commoner, peasant)

-Harbinger (One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come, like 'a harbinger of doom')

-supercalafragilisticexpiealadoscious (no meaning whatssoever but very cool to use. The spell used by Mary Poppins.)

-Vomitorium (pPassage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre, through which the crowds could "spew out" at the end of a show. Not associated with vomiting.)

-Gluteus Maximus (ass)

-Machinations (the act of plotting)

-Supercilious (Being haughty and disdainful. Looking down on somebody)

-Brouhaha (an uproar)

-Hegemony (the dominating influence)

-Rimjob (seriously disturbing stuff)

-Craven (evil)

-Rapacious (fast)

-Vociferous (loud)

-nekulturny (uncivilised)


Cool english rules!


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