Daniel Craig

The critics had been raving for months. How could a blond guy with a face like a boxer and the body of Jeanne claude van Damme possible take the role of the tall handsome secret agent so eloquently played by the likes of Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery? How could he possibly fill their shoes?

Its a modern age alright. An age where every hack with a keyboard can share his half assed opinions and find supporters of fellow geeks and supposed 'james bond experts'. What the hell makes a james bond expert? The ability to watch all movies in one night? Knowing every bond girl by name and cup size? Dreaming about every villain's evil plot of taking over the world and secretly telling yourself that should you ever be in a simular position you will kill the super spy or at least stay in the room while he's being lasered?
All so-called james bond experts really need to get out more. Contrary to popular belief there is more to life then criticising movies you haven't seen yet or burning actors you know little about.

Craig did it. He took the character and made it his own. He's not trying for one second to be Roger Moore or Sean Connery and his icy demeanor, fast moves and those piercing eyes make you interested every time he does anything at all.  Combine that with poker, cool cars and guns and you have yourself a movie!

Craig didn't let himself be burned down by the critics and now he's showing the lot of them. It takes guts and an actor with genuine skills to overcome the challenges of being the new Bond and thats exactly what we got.

We have a new Bond in town.

Daniel Craig rules!

back to the world of rules and sucks

Are you a Daniel Craig fan? Glory be!