Destroyer of worlds!

I've finally found him. The anti-christ on this world. The one. The destroyer. The scourge of nations, deamon who talks. Devil who leaves nothing but scorched earth and devastation in his wake.

I called the catholic church to dispatch the priest-commando's but apparently they don't have any. I called the Jews, but they were to busy slaughtering more palestines. They seem to have an endless supply of them. The British anglican church and the Muslims also didn't seem very interested so there's no choice left. I have to go public.

Don't be surprised if you see the following picture (further down for the protection of the ignorant) on CNN soon, accompanied by dire warnings to stay clear. You may want to put on sunglasses and shield the eyes of small children.




Proceed at your own peril





Note the utter devastation the destroyer leaves in his wake, not caring about what he does as long as nothing gets in his way. I dared not to go closer for fear of being burned to death by lethal breath or having my eardrums crushed like cans by the sound of his diabolical laughter.

The world has found its enemy. Will we be ready?


The destroyer of worlds rules!


PS: You get some pretty weird (but not completely surprising) results if you enter destroyer of worlds in google.


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