Ego manipulation

Its good to have your ego stroked every once in a while. It really is. It makes you remember why you even give a damn about existence in the first place.

Happiness, love and joy are all overrated concepts. The world hangs together from arrogance, greed and ego. Thats how it is and thats how it will always be. Live with it.

Right, now that the happy stuff is out of the way.......I had my ego stroked big time on new years eve. It was turning out pretty shitty as I had no plans and my friends were scattered all across the country. It seemed that I was doomed to either stay at home or (gasp) go to the dreaded Time out discotheque, a fate worse then death. The third other option was to go to the Axis discotheque, which is a fate worse then a fate worse then death. Pretty damn bad, as Blackadder would say.

Then a call came in, asking if I wanted to help opening my favourite bar, which was destined to be closed on enw years eve, for the evening. Seeing as I had little alternatives I agreed and in return I was rewarded on the board, which displays the names of those who serve the beer.

Ok, so it only means something if you know my name. Here's a hint. Its the only name in FULL CAPITALS. Yeah, thats right, my contribution was deemed to important that I was set to be more important then everyone else.

Now, I just might get behind that damn bar more often again just to show how incredibly good I am serving beer. Damn, I rule.

Ah, the glories of manipulating someone's ego...


Ego rules!


Back to the world of rules and sucks

So its easy to manipulate me. Surprised anyone?