I hate it when things are twisted out of their original meaning just to fit the steotypical idea people have. We're running into this more and more. Take a look at the prime example of fake stupidity I ran into yesterday:

La Pizza? What the fuck is La pizza? We're not in France you assholes! I'm principally opposed to the use of the word 'la' unless used as a word for counting lashes. Lalalala, yeah...saying la while giving someone lashes would rule.

And what is up with the sterotypical Italian twit on the cover of the box? Are we such pitiful morons that we can't think of real Italian pizza without seeing some dressed up idiot fumbling with dough?

It all reminds me of a southpark episode in a Italian restaurant. (southpark rules btw)


Hello welcome to la Faggicini for the authentico experienco Italiano

I'm Roma, your waitorio for this eveningio.


Screw fake Italian imagery! Try and making up your own image for a change.


Fake Italian imagery sucks!

back to the world of rules and sucks

Are you into fake italian imagery? Send me pictured of your suicide