Why it sucks that Graham Chapman is dead

Every now and then one of the old Monty python's flying circus still airs on TV and its an instant rating canon. In every European nation and American state.

The ridiculous antics of the Monty python crew continues to amuse us and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I love it. You love it. We don't even need to decide whether they rule or sucks because its a foregone conclusion.

One of the funniest python men, Graham Chapman, died in 1989 and the group split up to go their own way. It still sucks that Chapman died when he did because his lyrics and his sketches and his characters were the heart and soul of many sketches. He played Arthur in the holy grail for one, a role we're not likely to forget.

He's also the only British comedian who managed to write a lovesong involving sexually transmitted diseases. Don't believe me? I copied the transcript of a Monty Python website:


Medical love song

            Inflammation of the foreskin
            Reminds me of your smile
            I've had balanital chancroids
            For quite a little while
            I gave my heart to NSU               [Non-Specific Urethritis]
            That lovely night in June
            I ache for you, my darling,
            And I hope you'll get well soon

            My penile warts, your herpes,
            My syphilitic sore,
            Your monilial infection
            How I miss you more and more
            Your *dobies itch my *scrum-pox
            Ah, lovely gonorrhea
            At least we both were lying
            When we said that we were clear

            My clapped-out genitalia
            Is not so bad for me
            As the complete and utter failure
            Every time I try to pee
            I'm dying from your love, my love,
            I'm your spirochetal clown
            I've left my body to science,
            But I'm afraid they've turned it down

            Gonococcal urethritis
            Streptococcal balanitis
            *Diplococcal *catholitis
            Interstitial keratitis
            Syphilitic coronitis
            And anterior *ureitis.

                                    -- Graham Chapman

Now, I don't know many of the terms used in that song (thanks for that) but anyone who can write a song with so many medical terms and get away with it as being funny is a comic genious in my book.

Chapman has been missed and we'l continue to miss him. Lick feet in heaven you funny queer lunatic!


Graham Chapman rules!


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