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For some reason even refraining from posting a single thing here hasn't cost me any visitors. In December I had about 100 regular visitors a day and I still do now even though the last thing I wrote was dated 3 weeks ago. This must mean this site is now invincible and I never need to post here again which would be just as well as I'm busy with writing other stuff.

Right, that concludes the regular "3 weeks no new article apology" I seem to write 2 or 3 times a year. I should turn this into a new category.



Sherlock Holmes

I am perfectly aware that its fairly pointless to write a review to a movie everybody has already seen but being pointless has never stopped me from doing anything and therefore I will persevere.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the best movie characters ever conceived. He's up there alongside Batman, John Connor, James Bond and Zorro as far as I'm concerned. A timeless hero who deserves dignity and respect in every movie adaptation.

And then comes Robert Downey jr to do away with all that. The classical Sherlock Holmes in everybody's memory is that guy with the funny cap and the constant pipe smoking with a rather fat dr Watson to follow him around. Here, he's a brilliant lunatic with a passion for punching people and inventing things that are considered heretical. Quite a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned.

The main advantage this movie has is its gorgeous setting. When I'm elected president of the world my first ruling (after making it illegal to name children 'Michiel' in order to turn all those who are called that into social pariahs) will be that all movies must be set in Victorian London. The scenery is just to awesome to take your eyes off. It was the first time I ever regretted living in a country where we have subtitles as I was forced to occasionally take my eyes of the awesome scenery to read what the hell Holmes was murmuring about.

The second and third great things are the story and the characters. I loved the supernatural setting and seeing some proper mysteries for Holmes to solve. It was as it should be. A true challenge for the world's Batman of the time. Dr Watson was also much more awesome then I remember him to be as he was just to enthusiastically beating people to be a believable doctor. The words 'don't worry, I'm a doctor' have never sounded so fucking scary.

Finally, Dr Moriarty who was last played by a giant animated rat in a movie makes an appearance as a real person.

I still rather preferred him this way though

He will be the best villain ever in the next movie which is a inevitable as there being another Transformers movie. This statement fills me with both great lament and great joy. There is both hope and despair in this world, to be sure.


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