Kraven or Craven?

Ok, so my list of English words wasn't entirely perfect. In fact, I probably should admit that some of my English knowledge purely comes from old TV shows like X-men and spiderman.

Most of it actually. I learned most of my English by watching old TV shows, right up to the Ninja Turtles. I never had to pay any attention in school cause I already knew everything. Or so I thought.

It was brought before my attention that the word 'craven' doesn't mean 'evil.' It means 'cowardly'. I got that word from a certain badguy from Spiderman

Seriously. Does that man look like he's cowardly? I think the 'I'm gonna hunt the most dangerous thing in this city. ' bit undoes that completely. Evil or at least nefarious seems to be a much better description. Look at those criminal genious like eyes! I just couldn't figure out why this man's name would translate with cowardly.

And then I searched it on that great tome of neverending knowledge, Google. I got no hits on the spiderman badguy when I entered 'Craven' and a whole bunch of them when I typed 'Kraven'

One letter. That apparently made the difference. His name is Kraven which doesn't mean cowardly at all.

So there you have it. Craven means cowardly and Kraven is the spiderman badguy. Another one of history's great mysteries solved.


English still rules!


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