The modern stylish peasant

Remember when the Dutch peasants were oppressed, downtrodden, dirty and disgusting creatures eager to work for days on end in the field for no pay on behelf of their lords?

No, me neither, that was some 600 years ago. Luckily we can bring those times to life again.


When peasants attack.


The modern stylish peasant wears an ubiquitous brown jackat and (if he's lucky) some pants to match. The defining quality of a peasant that everything he wears or carries is either brown, broken or stepped on by other people.

He has little or no dental care but doesn't try to hide this fact. He's proud of his teeth (or lack thereof) and every now and then he has a good revolt, kills lots of Flemish people and is off again.



And now you too can be a modern stylish peasant! At you can see what its like to tour with the peasants!


And remember, as long as its brown and dirty it gets the


Peasants rule!


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