Moving the goods

Other then getting immensely jazzed up in the pursuit of more good music I learned something else from my visit to Paradiso and that is that its nigh impossible to navigate the floor quickly while holding several beers.

We've all been in this situation (most of us anyway). You're at a crowded bar, club or whatever and you can't all go and get drinks at the same time. So a few brave volunteers are appointed to carry out this important mission. How do you go at it? There are a few important rules you need to follow in order to get the drinks safely to the intended destination.

1. Try to follow a fat person. This makes life a lot easier.

2. Shout a lot. 'sorry' 'excuse me' or whatever. Make people aware that you're trying to force yourself through the masses.

3. Move in pairs. Two people are more likely to force a crowd apart then one.

4. Hold your beer high. Make people aware that an important transport is coming through.

5. Plan your route. make the right decisions when navigating to your destination. Watch this drawing for clarification:










Note that the fat blobs are not slipups. They are just representing very fat people.


Try not to make it harder on yourself then it needs to be. If possible, let someone else lead the way. This increases the chance that your beers arrive safely. If thats not possible, then using the 5 rules you should be able to make it across safely. Also, remind the people you're getting beer for that its their turn next. Do not be afraid to remind them several times.

Good luck.


Moving beer through crowds sucks!


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