Steamtank issues

Its something after midnight and I spend the last hours putting together the infamous empire steamtank. One of the heaviest models Games workshop has ever made and it has the most parts too.

Its a freaking nightmare. I glued 4 fingers together, got burning eyes over the glue vapours and managed to slice most of the other fingers open over the cleaning of the parts which were in absolute shambles.

Over 3 hours of work and the damn thing still looks like a crooked piece of crap.


Next time I'm in England I'm gonna demand a plastic steamtank. If my demands are not met I'l set a goat on fire and drive it on the Games workshop grounds.

If I don't end up with permanent brain damage over these damn glue vapours I'l be charging some very steep fee indeed for putting together this unholy contraption.

The steamtank sucks!

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