Teeth rattling

So I had a patch of blood on my little piece of pavement the other day. That little blob still haunts me in my dreams as being the blob from space that threatens to devour my nacho chips!

Obviously that blood came from somewhere and in this case it came from the mouth of Dave who, earlier that evening, it was a good idea to mix together beer, blue Curacao and something called 'mede' which is essentially an excuse to put an outrageous amount of alcohol into a honey flavoured drink. Apart from this being completely insane, it had some utterly predictable results. The inability to walk, the tendency to crash flower pots and an uncanny ability to spill stuff on expensive live roleplay meterials were but a few of them.

I regret that it was partly my mistake that caused Dave to crash his face into the pavement but was I supposed to know he was being a complete idiot when I left him alone for what, 2 minutes?

The good part was that the dentist had never seen such a perfect tooth severing before. The whole damn thing just popped out to find its way in the dirt. Thats also where things started getting unfortunate for me.....

Guess who was searching for a tooth at 12 at night with a flashlight while being not entirely sober himself? It was a unnerving experience at best. Even more unnerving was seeing the thing back in his mouth a day later!


A piece of advice for all those who indulge in the consumption af alcohol. Know what the fuck you're doing you bums! Its incredibly messed up to want someone else to be responsible for getting you home and picking stuff up that you lose, especially if it comes from your mouth!

 But the universe is in balance again. Things are as they should be. For now........


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