A world of world of warcraft

I'm more and more finding myself in social isolation. I always thought that when you consumed a certain amount of alcohol and visisted enough bars that a life would follow on its own. For a while, that was true. Then there was world of warcraft.

Having a social life in the modern age is starting to mean having 6 different characters and at least one level 60 with epic items. That just freaks the hell out of me.

I spent much of this afternoon being surrounded by manic mailmen and world of warcraft players of varying patheticness (if thats a word...). At some point, it got so scary and threatening that I just started nodding at whatever they said. I also managed to take this picture:





    Take a not to close look......






The guy on the left is Robert. He has so far eluded all my attempts to take a decent picture, leading me to the belief that he has some sort of military training to make all pictures taken of him blurry.

The person in the middle is Teun. He has just bought the expansion for world of warcraft, the burninating crusade, and had vowed not to go to sleep the coming night. It made no difference that he had a math test the next morning cause he relied on Golden power to keep him awake. Yes, use Golden power as a substitute for sleep. Thats a real good idea! (level 4 sarcasm)


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The point is, the youth of tomorrow has some pretty fucked up priorities. I know, when we were at that point in our lives school came in last place, but at least we had the decency of getting stone drunk and puking over the furniture when we got home! What the hell is up with staying at home all night and playing a game? Where's the rebellious, rambunktuous, self-destructive streak in that? It just doesn't seem right and any responsible parent would do well to throw their kids out to a bar!

Seriously, force your kids to drink! Its the only way they have a chance of turning out right. Would you rather have a fat pale kid with crums all over his body and no friends in the real world? I didn't think so....

I envision a world where we won't have to get outdoors, where all our friends will be online all the time and where the personification of lazyness will be raised to virtual godhood. Its a world that freightens me to death. What use will we have for real beer if there's virtual beer?? If our fate is to be virtually drunk then who am I so fight it? (Its actually possible to be virtually drunk in WoW I'm told. Every other word the word 'burp' then appears....)

I vow never to be part of this craze. I won't ever play world of warcraft and I will continue to scorn everyone who does. I still prefer the real world over the virtual one and I will never, ever drink virtual beer. Thats just as wrong as you can physically get without putting on a dress, running over street and shouting "I'm Lisa Minelli, I'm Lisa Minelli!!"


World of warcraft sucks!


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