The glory of beer cannot be denied. It is everywhere around us. It permeates our very atmosphere and stands at the very foundation of modern society.

Ok so maybe thats stretching it a bit. But only a bit. What other substance has had so great an impact on the behaviour of people while still being completely legal and even government sponsored? In ancient Egypt, workers were rewarded for working hard with beer. Ancient monasteries can even to this day exist solely on thier limited beer production and in medieval Europe, several German electors made the drinking of whine illegal because they firmly believed real men should drink beer. The germans sure were civilised in those days....

The point is that beer may wel be man's greatest invention. It takes the mind of the boring daily routine, leaves nothing but a hangover and the best of all...its an aquired taste.

To often have I come across sorry excuses for men who told me that 'they just don't like the taste' and so don't drink it. Of course you don't like it! Its meant to build character and test which men are worthy of its golden goodness. In the beginning everyone hates the bitter taste of the stuff, thats natural. Your system is not adjusted to its greatness, its sheer magnificence. But in time it will adjust, it will become accustomed to its strength, its punch and its aftertaste. If you let it, you WILL start to enjoy it after a while and after a longer while you will start to appreciate it on a level you never thought possible. If you stop drinking it after a few attempts you have failed the test and will never be counted amongst the ranks of true men.  Go and drink cocktails that taste like orange juice! (as disgusting as that sounds to the rest of us).

A final point for beer, it can make ordinary people and even the ones you normally don't notice do the strangest things. Vomit in other people's toilets, dance on wobbly tables, kiss strangers, dance like an idiot on songs you didn't even like, deliver speeches about the greatness of stuff that seemed so very unimportant before....the possibilities are endless.




How can anything that can make people look like this possibly be bad?




Beer rules, no doubt about it

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