I could easily make a list of dozens of things that piss me off, or annoy me in some way or the other. Commercials, bad movies, terrible series, revolting songs and irritating people.

However, nothing compares to the sheer stupidity of the travesty that is Belgium

In the Benelux, our little gathering of states so small its a miracle we retained our independance over the years since WW2 Holland is the big brother. There's Luxemburg, a nation so small it can barely be called a state and then there's our southern neighbour.

Belgium is a prank that got out of hand. It used to be part of the Netherlands, where it belonged but after seeing an opera in Brussels a rabble started a riot and demanded independance. Supported by French mobs and politicians they got what they wanted despite the Dutch army marching for 10 days. The English decided it would probably be a good idea to have a independant buffer between the Netherlands and France to prevent any napoleonic ambitions from prevailing ever again.

And so begins a historic travesty of epic proportions. The idea of belgium is born while there is no national identity at all. There are two languages, two peoples and endless arguments about everything. Linguistic debates rage, the country is ungovernable, the hated European Union seats in the capital and tells the rest of Europe what to do and to top things of, the damn belgians hold on for 18 days against the german army in WW2 while the Dutch only manage 4 days....aarrgh!!

I propose that we do what history should already have done. We divide belgium between Holland and France, destroying the European Union in the process. We restore the Gulden as the official money of the Netherlands and then we conquer Switserland!


Belgium sucks!


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