Blood is on the dancefloor...sort off.

Did anyone notice what a colossal pain in the butt it is to have a pool of blood right in front of your house? Seriously.... what is it with people and bleeding all over the damn pavement?

Blood is nigh impossible to clean once its dried up, which it does relatively fast. It sticks to all surfaces equally with equal tenacity and it doesn't give a damn what kind of cleaning agents you throw against it. It just won't budge!

There's other sorts of damage too. People think you might be an exe murderer with the blood in your gutter. Neighbours come to the conclusion that they really don't like you after all and the police WILL link crimes to you all of a sudden. All in all, I better not have blood in my gutter.


Blood sucks!


Back to the world of rules and sucks

Have you given blood to my pavement already?