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I don't want to get stabbed

I got a surprise today when the technology teacher approached me with news on how my mentor class is doing. Apparently, their creativity has taken them to the level where they start making shanks in class.

Not having watched every special of 'America's hardest prisons' I needed to ask what the hell a 'shank' is. The internet sure wasn't helpful.

Top Google hit for the word 'shank'. Honest.

Apparently a shank is a home made improvised weapon created for stabbing people. My colleague was wise enough to confiscate the shank and showed it to me. While it looked fairly pathetic to me I did see the danger in armed children.  I mean, they're as stupid as Americans, filled with hormones like Dutch pigs and have the impulsiveness of an Italian prime minister. We may not want to arm these people. Even when armed with what is essentially a sharpened pencil them may harm themselves.....

In order to prevent any future stabby accidents I decided not only to punish the one who made the thing but find out who in my class would be insane enough to actually stab a teacher. Then I realized, an adult at least has the advantage of height. They will probably stab each other first. So I created a chart showing the hostilities between them. I have got to stop caring. This is turning into a real job.


This shows me two things. First, teenage class relations are freaking hard to map. People change the way they think about each other virtually overnight at times and the demeanors of some are just impossible to determine. Best friends, mortal enemies.  This chart may be outdated by the time I ever get this online.

Secondly, while it has its flaws it does narrow the number of suspects quite nicely. All I need to do it watch them closely and wait for them to slip up.

And slip up they will, it is inevitable. I will be there. Oh yes.....

Being a mentor sucks.


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