Going to war

I captured StLo today from the Germans. The fighting was tough and lengthy and I lost several tanks. Infantry took a beating as well, walking straight into artillery barrages and running into german machine guns posts when you least expect it. I've started to hate those damn screaming nebelwerfers as well. their showing me the meaning of scorched earth very nicely. I was rewarded by the victory over the panther tanks with the loss of the captain. Poor took a tank shell to take him down.






Cpt Mackay. He'l be missed.....


Its hard to do and I'd rather not but I suppose I should get in the real world for a while and tell what I'm talking about. Company of heroes is a WW2 strategy game that really caught my attention. In fact, I think I'l go to Normandy in the spring break and see what the fuss was about....

The game was so good that I could only find a few minor things to whine about. I was amazed with the lack of originality on naming privates in the US military. It seemed like every machinegun team had someone named 'Dunlop' in it. Also, if I see one more of those white bars above my weapon teams charging up I might go insane. Its maddening to see your Machine Gun team take their time to set up the tripod for the weapon before starting to shoot. Taking their time, under the hardest circumstances, showing the world why they won the war.....

Those are my only gripes which makes 'company of heroes' the greatest game ever in my book. To often do makers of games fall for the temptation to focus on good graphics and forego on gameplay. Not so here. For the first time you have actual intelligent infantry in a RTS and tanks that are actually to scale, with the problems that go with that. Your boys can use the things for cover but the metal monstrosities also have a hard time fitting through tight places. Explosions, amazing battlefield occurences (how buildings collapse is breathtaking and functional at the same time) In fact, this game made me want to wear a helmet, just in case.

So I did. I might post a picture of it later.


Company of heroes rules!


Back to the world of rules and sucks

Report for duty, private!