Cool characters in crappy shows

It happens! 

Cool, well thought out characters in otherwise crapps shows. I have no idea how this is done, because if the makers of a show are capable of devising a cool character then why the hell wouldn't they fill the show with them and make a good show?

The mysteries of this will likely never be solved, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying these characters and silently hoping they'l save the show you're watching. Usually they don't but we can't blame them for that as they're more often then not surrounded by an ocean of bad acting and poorly devised plots.

Still, they keep on fighting and for that I salute them. Lets take a look at some of these characters:



A British guy in a boring black suit, who lost his hair and sports an unimpressive moustache (seriously, if you're gonna get a moustache go all the way!). This unassuming figure apparently runs the worlds most powerful organisation. WOOHP has the power to run pretty much every government agency anywhere at Jerry's whim and he has a schoolbuilding rigged with tunnels to get his favourite female agents to his headquarters as quickly as possible. He gives those schoolgirls ridiculous missions and gadgets, although he always shows up at the end to round up the badguys, making me think he's just toying with those girls for his own weird erotic pleasure.

He's the character who made 'totally spies' a little more beareable even though I usually zapped away when his big briefing scene was over. Still, Jerry rules!

Jerry, showing the spies the benefits of holding whipped cream sideways.


I find it hard to express myself in something as mundane as words to express my deeply rooted hatred for Fran Fine. That woman needs to be shot, buried, then dug up and thrown off a cliff. For years we were bombarded on all channels with her horrible excuse for a comedy, the nanny ,which was essentially just an excuse to show off her lousy acting skills and to make us listen to her voice. That voice....that voice that still haunts me in even my most violent dreams.

However in between the salvo's of unfunny jokes about her being a jew and the kids being annoying pests the father wouldn't even lay eyes on there were the few scenes with Niles. Niles was the snooty butler who exchanged witty and insulting remarks with CC, a woman who was in a midlife crisis and for some reason was constantly present in the house. These moments were what made me return to the show again and again. Not much else to explain about it, other then that it was a piece of inspirational and funny comedy in a dreadful show. Niles and CC needed to get their own show, really.

To clarify here's a picture that shows the essence of this show:



Funny, not funny and downright horrible. That about sums it up. Any questions?











Damnnation, its hard to find pictures of the characters I want to describe! I suppose they weren't what the show was about so they don't get many sole pictures on the official websites.  Fools.......

Jeffrey is the final one on my list and he's probably the best of the three because this man was sarcasm incarnated and sarcasm rules. He was the butler to the household Will Smith bludgeoned his way into and in between Smith not being funny and the rest of the family doing uninteresting things there was Jeffrey the butler, being sarcastic as hell and reminding himself and everyone else how he he hated his life. His lines were fenomenal and his sheer presence made me want to chuckle every time. To bad the rest of the show sucked so bad...... Will Smith really should have committed suicide after this.

Pictures work for the simple minds so behold:


I wish I had more characters to point out but as shows continue to get crappier so do characters and the odd 'cool character in crappy show' is becoming rarer and rarer. However, they are still out there and I intend to find them. The quest goes on.


Cool characters rule!


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Know any more cool characters in crappy show? Don't keep it to yourself!