Backbreaking labour


Western civilisation as we know it has been built upon the backs of its countless citizens. Millions upon millions of barely paid labourers who toiled day in day out to built the wonder of the world, the factories of empires and the weapons and nations. Industrial revolutions, legions of war and libraries of knowledge were possible thanks to their endless efforts.


The modern young worker is taking a somewhat different approach though. Toiling in dark rooms without food, drink or a chance to pee is something of the 16th century. Nowadays we have endless breaks, food like you wouldn’t believe, toiletstops every 10 minutes and to accompany this stream of luxury and debauchery we also manage to whine so much about long hours that we get beer during working hours.


Yes my friends, you read that correctly. Drinking during working hours, one of the 254 signs of the apocalypse has been confirmed by employers all over the continent. I’m proud to say my worksite is one of them for the holy liquid must be spilled wherever its loyal disciples tread. We shall spread the word of the lords of ale to the far flung places and we shall not stop until the holy tasks are complete.


Glory be!


Drinking during working hours: RULES


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