Ducosim sucks

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All in all, a pretty poor day this december 16th. Even by my paltry standards my trip to Utrecht and the Ducosim games event was a virtual complete waste of time. And my standards are pretty low if you consider I went to the hague and back to a pathetically small sci fi event just to get Peter Williams' picture. Now that I think of it.......... I didn't even get his autograph! Somehow that day cost me over 70 euro's and I'm not saying it was a watse of time even though I still haven't put the damn picture on the wall and it just sits around collecting dust. Dust!! The heresy of letting a picture of Peter Williams collect dust is almost to much to bear.

Anyway, Ducosim was worse then the Hague and I'l brand it a waste of time any day. Despite the fact that it was good to perform a social activity with some friends and we had a pretty good time playing that star wars fleet game its a terrible thought to realize that we drove for nearly an hour to be at a games event for an hour and a half and then drive back again....

There was nothing going on! No places to waste money on miniatures, no interesting games ('Construction masters of Kadai' can still kiss my ass) and the place was so small I could walk through it in less then a minute. On top of it all, the german shop I ordered hundreds of euro's worth of stuff from had not processed my order and I was left with all that money left in my wallet to be brought back home. Ponder for a moment the sheer waste of it......The sheer waste of it!!

So after playing 2 games of the star wars fleet battlegame I forgot the name of we went home. Ducosim sucked. Badly. Don't visit Ducosim!


Ducosim sucked sucked sucked!!


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Ducosim sucked sucked sucked! Any questions?