Geert and the theory of existentialism

This is Geert. Why on first sight he may look like just another moron with a silly tie he's in fact one of the greater filosophers of our century. Just look at that wisely piercing gaze and that thoroughly developed chin. If thats not the face of a true genious, then I'm out of ideas.

Let me explain my theory of why Geert may become the next Hegel or even Kant, names that probably mean nothing to you but have in fact shaped our lives as they are now

Geert recently got drunk, the state of mind where the filosopher in all of us has the best chances of getting out. Being drunk is in fact like an enhanced state of mind for some of us where the dulling of the senses can sharpen the experiences we have.

Geert doesn't say much when he's drunk, he just stares blankly until he made his now famous remark

'Yesterday I was in a bus...... Was I in a bus?'

Now the untrained observer might dismiss this as the remarks of a drunk fool. Not I. I immediately recognised the parallels between that remark and a book I had just read, a book by a man named Hegel. He was a german filosopher

A selection from Hegel:

Revelation, taken to mean the revelation of the abstract Idea, is an unmediated transition to Nature which comes to be. As mind is free, its manifestation is to set forth Nature as its world; but because it is reflection, it, in thus setting forth its world, at the same time presupposes the world as a nature independently existing. In the intellectual sphere to reveal is thus to create a world as its being - a being in which the mind procures the affirmation and truth of its freedom.

Ok, so thats a hard piece of text, right? I had to read it a few times myself before I got the hang of this stuff. The point is that the mind is free and its presence in the world is free and independant. The mind must become aware of its freedom.

Geert was doing just that, letting his mind procure the truth of its freedom. He was daring to question his presence in this world as we know it and was allowing his mind to soar higher then the eartly limits. Holy crap!

Very few people would dare to so directly question their existence for fear of being calling an idiot. Thats what makes Geert the revolutionary thinker that he surely must be. Not only letting his mind search affirmation for its independance but doing so in public, in front of a lot of people he knew.

Not convinced? Here's another quote from Hegel:

The knowledge of Mind is the highest and hardest, just because it is the most 'concrete' of sciences. The significance of that 'absolute' commandment, Know thyself - whether we look at it in itself or under the historical circumstances of its first utterance - is not to promote mere self-knowledge in respect of the particular capacities, character, propensities, and foibles of the single self.

The knowledge of mind is the hardest science to practise because we tend to think in absolutes. Once you start doubting your own body and the world you wander in, your mind can become truly free. This is certainly worthy of more exploration.

Geert has shown us the way, its up to all of us to follow the path and become free of mind!


Existentialism rules!


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