Dumb people

I guess I always knew it. The've always been around. They were always there. They were probably already there before I was here, making the evolutionary theory seem like a cartload of bullocks. Well, at least we've proven the creationists wrong again, what God would allow the world to be populated by morons?

I'm sure you've encountered them too. They talk about things you don't care about. They get under your skin with their little ways and gape at you in total awe when you use a word that has more then 3 syllables.

Seriously, what is it with the word 'decadence' that inspires such awe? I've had people starring at me with nothing that could remotely be considered a facial expression after the use of the word. It was like a magic spell. I had to explain its meaning twice before there was a shimmer of understanding and the guy in question has come back 3 times to me asking what it meant again. I wanted to tell him to go away but he happened to be my boss at the time so I couldn't. Instead I explained it to him again. Patience was required, patience I don't usually have a lot.

It is the same with a lot of words. Context, reflex, perspective, I don't know why people have such a hard time comprehending those words. Maybe they think the letters x and c are a bit to exotic for their taste. Maybe they should be banned from the great treasury of words? Would that make them happy?

Anyway, I've had it with people gawking at me over the use of exotic words  so here's a list of words to gawk at instead. Don't bother me for their meaning, get a dictionary.


The flying dutchman's list of exotic words:






linguistic mutilation


huge tenderisation


political vegetable



conjectural debacle

electoral disaster

intellectual humiliation


unnecessary ballistics

foulhardy determination

gross incompetence

patriarchal governance

flagrant unilateralism

improbable graduate

 Oh, and if some of those words also happen to describe you, your government or your country, don't be offended. It was all on purpose.

Oh yeah, by the way,


Dumb people suck!

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