This is my first evening of website building. last time I did anything that came close to something like this was over 4 years ago. My first thoughts on this whole website building stuff is,

I suck at it!

It takes me 10 minutes to get a file uploaded. Thats not normal is it? Thats not how God intended bloggers to do this is it? This is not how the deity of all websites has intended things to play out? What kind of god would allow such madness???

Ok, as I was told, all newbies have to deal with this. The frustration of making a website. The sheer annoyance when you spot a typo and have to do the uploading all over again. The complete and utter despair when your picture is nothing more but a little red cross that just sits there, laughing at you, smirking about its clear superiority over you. I swear, take your little red cross and shove it up your.......

I hope to get better at this. I hope to be able to upload some more pictures to accompany my explorations of what sucks and what rules. I hope to be able to stick with my simple philosophy and won't succumb to the temptations of making this little website more complicated then it needs to be. The best websites are often the simplest.

Finally I hope you'l stop by now and then to see whats happening here. I'l try to make it worth your while.


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