Genetic memory is the answer!

Think about it. The Human race are the blundering bunch of retards that we are because we have no clue what the people before us did. Ideas like nazism and communism once again seem to win in favour because we have forgotten what kind of misery they have caused in the past. Moron rascists can thrive because the rest of us are either to passive or to stupid to realise what kind of blatant, blobbering blabbery they continue to spout.

Once again Stargate shows us the way into the future!

For those ignorants who haven't seen 9 seasons of stargate in a row, the Goa'uld have devised a way to preserve their collective memories in each newborn so that they wouldn't have to waste time on educating them. Eventually this led to weird situations like a human child having all the knowing of the Goa'uld, but still it was a great idea for the 15 centuries during which it worked.

So, we need to find a way to preserve the memories of previous generations in our young. This would not only mean that we preserve our knowledge (meager though it may be) and hopefully cast out the collective stupidity of nazism from our minds (face it people, nazism sucks), it would also partially eliminate the need for raising kids, as they already know everything. Maybe they'l even realise what annoying little pricks they are and decide to shut up at a family dinner parties. These are mind destroying enough as they are without the screeching infants.  Hey, one can hope right?

Genetic memory would rule!


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Genetic memory would also eliminate the need for e-mail, probably.