German champaign

Unlike most people from Holland I'm not all that hateful towards the Germans. Sure, they marched over our freedoms and killed a whole lot of us and sure they snatched the world championship from under our noses and sure, they're obnoxious sausage scrounging, beer spilling lunatics but other then that....whats to hate?

As loath as I sometimes am to admit it....I have family in Germany. I don't see them to often so its good to go there once in a while, consume some bratwursten and get the hell out again. Bratwursten rule btw. Especially when they're half a metre long and come with a siezeable quantity of bread. Oh man....

Anyway, the occasion was that my cousin had opened a fitness centre in the city of Dortmund and so, caring as we are we went there to celebrate the grand opening. What followed was a grand tour through 6 large empty rooms.

Yep, the fitness equipment hadn't arrived yet so there really was nothing to see. Nothing whatsoever.

Now, don't get me wrong. As far as big empty rooms are concerned these ones were pretty nice. But if you ask if they were worth the 1,5 hour drive to Dortmund  and then back again I'd have to answer negatively. To make matters worse, we seemed to be the only people interested in the so-called grand opening. After a few hours of sitting around idly, even my father decided it was time to pack up and get back to our own country. I was trying to pass time by drinking champaign, the only alcoholic beverage in the building. There was no beer. Savages.

 I can conclude that its hard to get drunk of Champaign because the stuff is sour as hell. You also get it in very small quantities so there really is little chance of getting a decent percentage of alcohol in your blood in that short time. After a while your mouth starts rebelling against the sourness of the stuff and your desire to drink starts to fade, the mortal sin of any alcoholic drink. My conclusion therefore is:


Next time there's a newyear party I swear I'l drink apple cider instead! There may not be alcohol in that but at least you can get back to the decent drinking after a while. The drinking of beer.


Champaign sucks!

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Is champaign your favourite beverage? Do not reproduce.