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Harry Potter and the halfblood prince

I'm not particularly proud of having to admit I read all the Harry Potter books and watched all the movies but then, I was teaching 9 year olds back then so it seemed like a good idea to know what the hell was going on in their minds.

And now, some 6 years later I watched Harry Potter and the halfblood prince pretty much at its opening and forgot to write a review about it for a week. That's an indication of the impact it made on me.  But hell, better late then never right?

Harry Potter and the halfblood prince despite having a title that only makes sense after a single remark from someone completely at the end, is quite enjoyable. Its quite clear that the stage is being set for the final confrontation between Harry, who is apparently massively important to everyone, and Voldemort Lord of darkness and performer of generally bad things. He doesn't get to do anything in this movie though apart from threatening some minions. Better luck next movie Voldemort!

Harry meanwhile, is busy with yet another year at school desperately trying to learn useful stuff for defeating the lords of darkness. I can only imagine the pressure someone must feel when even his teachers continuously keep saying that he is their only hope. Most 15 year olds I know would just buckle and weep in a corner. Harry doesn't have time for that though. He has classes, needs to find new girlfriends, go to parties hosted by a new teacher and cannot be late for his weekly talk of doom and darkness by Dumbledore. I found it all a bit much to put on the shoulders of a 15 year old mainly because he still seems to be pretty incompetent. yeah, he finds this book that has all the answers in it but that does little to disprove the point that he is one certainly no A student.

But who cares? Despite taking up more then 3 quarters of the movie Harry's attempts to study combined with the awkward teenage love scenes that border on the frustratingly bad I was still hoping for cool wizard action. When Dumbledore takes Harry to fight the dreaded zombies this is his chance to show what he's got. Damn dude, you're the chosen one. The very least we expect is you can take out some zombies.

But yeah, the world is doomed.

Harry gets nearly drowned by one zombie. He needs the epic awesomery of Dumbledore to get him out of anything. Phew, thank God they'll never let Dumbledore die. Leaving the world in the hands of Harry the incompetent would just be silly.........oh wait. Damn.

I for one would have sworn immediate allegiance to the lord of darkness at the end of this movie. Clearly, they are the winning side and they seem to have not such a bad plan for the world. Also, their pension plan seems to be in order and if they got good dentistry then screw you, order of the Phoenix, we're switching sides. At least we'll have someone in charge who doesn't leave the fate of the world in the idiotic hands of someone so stupid that even when the world is officially doomed he is still more concerned whether or not he can kiss his best friends' sister.

I look forward to seeing the end of the world in the next movie. Hail to the dark lord!


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