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The real inglorious bastards

Well, I'll be damned. Quentin Tarantino actually stole a title for one of his films from another film. And I'll be double damned for telling you that the original is pretty damn awesome. And I'll be triple damned for telling you that I actually like the original better.

The Inglorious bastards (renamed The real inglorious bastards in its DVD re-release) is a movie made by idiotic Italians using American actors about a squad of escaped prisoners accidentally accomplishing a mission of war-changing importance.

In the world of the 70's, where this movie is from, military men were made of impeccable discipline, behavior and were perfectly insufferable for their perfection. Just watch 'the longest day' or 'a bridge to far' if you don't believe me.  In contrast the rag tag band of murderers, mutineers and thieves that make up the cast of the real inglorious bastards is totally refreshing. They kill Germans because they're in the way, same as they kill Americans who want to put them back in jail. All they want to do is get to Switzerland and get out of the damn war. Its indescribable how refreshing this approach to story telling is. Its like moviemakers in the 70's aren't tied with arms and legs into remaking the same crap over and over because studio owners know it will make money. Somebody make a real remake of this movie!

And be sure to include this, cause its hot.

On top of the monumentally refreshing story the action is nothing short of un-70's ish. Brutal violence against Nazi's never gets old, especially if the Nazi's are blatant racist against the black dude who's about to shoot them. Quotes like 'America is weak because it allows black mongrels among its people' are simply perfect mood setters that precede vicious Nazi killing. With machine guns. The French resistance isn't getting off easy either making this the perfect movie for anyone who enjoys watching both Germans and Frenchmen die in equal measure. The characters, with black sergeant Fred canfield in the lead seem to revel in their lethalness and aren't just brutal but clever in their killing. And I'll go to hell for it but I love that German machine gun just rattling away. Awesomeness caught on film, right there.

The real Inglorious bastards is an awesome film, more so due to its age. Italian film makers are renowned for their unexpected and often wacky turns of events. They're also renowned for not shunning almost idiotic amounts of violence and explosions. Really, what I'm trying to say here is that we need more Italian films. Hey Tarantino, any other ancient war movies we should be made aware of?



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