To often do I come across people who seem chronically tired. Everything they do is to much, all they seem capable of undertaking is whining and they always get to go home first, leaving me with the undesirable tasks that still need doing. Partly they get away with this because of puppy eyes and partly because I have the strength of 10 men, the endurance of 20 and the power to whistle and be cheerful while I perform backbreaking labours. I rule. 

The tired people always seem to have school in the morning, they always seem to sleep to short or are being kept awake by wasps (oh wait, thats just me...). The day has to many hours, or not quite enough. One way or another they're always tired. Tired and in need of sleep.

If you are one such person, have you considered the possibility that you're not tired at all? You may just be lazy. Yes lazy, the word most people seem to dread. A word synonymous with the decay of society itself. However, lazyness doesn't have to be negative, this is an illusion perpetuated by the corporations and the greenpeace hippies.

Do not believe you are superman, you cannot plan your week full and expect to be productive all the time. Do not annoy those around you with your sleep deficiency and you incapability to function like a normal adult. Instead, give in to your lazyness and just drop on a couch for a day. It is the sane thing to do.

Suppressed people's of the earth, I give you the following words to live by:

lBeing lazy rules!

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