Leave glass inside?

Once again I was confronted with a public announcement that makes no sense. What is it with people and not thinking? Is it so much of a strain on their cerebral cortexes that they just leave it at that? Does it fysically hurt to use their brain?

The announcement in question is this:

The text translates as 'please leave glasses inside' and this would normally be a fairly normal thing to ask in a bar. After all, the average drunk bar going person is quite likely to be a blithering idiot who is prone to take glasses with him, either on purpose or by accident.

However, this is an emergency exit, as marked by the fleeing stick man in the white.(little does he know he's running to a manhole, as indicated by that arrow) This exit is in the back of the bar and is linked to an alarm, meaning that they really don't want you to use this exit unless you're on fire or you're part of a panicking mob. How bloody likely are you to pay attention to where you leave your glass when you're either on fire or part of a panicking mob?

I have no real idea by the way....there's not nearly as much research material on that subject as you'd think. All thats certain is that the behaviour of people on fire or panicking mobs has a tendency of being rather eratic so its hard to predict what they're gonna do. My favourite is the rolling over the ground while you're being trampled. Thats always an instant laugh riot.....

The notice on the door is stupid, friendly though it might be. Noone is gonna give a damn about their glasses once they are in need of using this door and if they all leave their glasses aren't they gonna get destroyed in the emergency for which this escape door was intended? Isn't it a lot better to bring the glass outside once things are burning? I'm wondering about the personnel instructions of this bar. I'd imagine they'd be a little like this:


1. Save the booze. Seriously. Don't leave the booze behind.It is more valuable then your life. Don't be afraid to sacrifice someone in order to save the booze.

2. Leave the glass inside. People may start cutting themselves once outside and we don't want a lawsuit on our hands. Use of force is allowed in order to make people leave the glass inside.

3. Lie to the cops about how many people were inside. Do not, under any circumstances let them know the actual number of people inside at the time of the disaster! No shit, we'l hunt you down!


Hmm, not all that encouraging... I think I'm in need of a drink.


Stupid bar notices suck!


back to the world of rules and sucks

Do you have your own bar personnel instructions? Let me know.