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Oktoberfest 2009

I'm not gonna say I haven't updated this corner of the internet because I was hungover for 2 weeks because that would be silly. But somehow it still sounds better then saying I wasn't updating because of work pressure. That's equally silly. What slob lets work pressure him?

Right, oktoberfest. It took weeks to prepare but finally it came. And went by surprisingly quickly. It takes a biblical amount of alcohol to make me forget things of a night and this was one of those. Biblical. Like that word. Biblical. Anyway, here are pictures.

What man wouldn't like listening to a German folk band for 6 hours straight with no chance of reprieve? I'm not entirely sure if I'm being sarcastic or not here.


What I am certain of is that beer is awesome. It makes everything funny and clanging glasses together until they break is a time honored tradition. Honored by drunk people. Good people.


It took a lot of effort to get this guy to come along and it was good to see he enjoyed himself. As we predicted, he liked the hat.


The good and at the same time somewhat weird thing is that Oktoberfest is a thing of all generations. Old people bring cushions and young people stand on the tables. Beer is the uniting factor.


Its a good thing we managed to keep our dignity throughout the evening. I managed to stay on the bench rather then falling off, repeatedly. I think.


It took great effort for Geert to get a picture with the lead singer but it was worth it. Who wouldn't want a picture with the lead singer of 'de Rosenthalers'?


Surprisingly, there were women present at this German beer bonanza. Most of the men were to busy being drunken slobs to notice.


And you can evidence if drunken slobbyness in the eyes of this random person who obviously has no idea what is going anymore.


Nothing more beautiful then drunken camaraderie. Probably.


When the German drunkenness forcefully ended we went to the next place where conveniently, Third Half played. Drunkenness was resumed.

Memories end here.


Oktoberfest rules!


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