You want your own opinion? Learn to defend it!

Someone recently said I had a nag for being somewhat'*gasp* intimidating in the expressing of my opinions. That I don't respect other people's opinions and try to force them to see things my way.

First, let me tell you that I'm not intimidating. I couldn't intimidate a schoolchild into giving me his lunch and this accusation is bordering on the insane. You know who could be intimidating if he really wanted to? Frank!

I picture Frank when he's dead serious, with piercing eyes and an intimidating vein somewhere across his forehead. He could sestroy small towns with that gaze. He's intimidating. Not me.

Artist impression of Frank destroying a small town

The idea that I don't respect the opinions of others is almost just as crazy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Its a one of the very few true freedoms that we enjoy in our brief and utterly pathetic little existence. Make your own choices and stick with them.

However, I do have problems with people who can't even raise a proper argument as to why they have that particular opinion. Here's an example:


Stupid person: Southpark sucks

Me: Why?

Stupid person: Uhm, just because!

Me: Thats rubbish.

Stupid person: Respect my opinion!!


In this instance I even bothered to find out why the stupid person would say something dreadfully ignorant like Southpark sucks before smacking him in the face with a blunt object. This is a clear indication that I had the intention of respecting his opinion. However, when he proved incapable of raising even a single argument in defence his opinion ceased to have any value.

Its the same in almost every conversation I find myself in. People are incapable of defending their opinions but still feel it should be respected. This is utter nonsense. If you cannot defend your dumb view on life then you need to shut the hell up.

A clash of opinions is often referred to as a discussion. I love these as I get to show of my verbal prowess and match it with that of others. Its a test of character as well as you get to know how your views and opinions hold up in the veritable arena that is human communication. If you're incapable of raising arguments then you'l be crushed utterly and it is shown that your opinion has no value. Get it yet?

I hate it when people will not be persuaded even if their views are clearly undefendable. They just won't be swayed no matter how many linguistic circles you run around them. Worse still, they're likely to get mad at you for even trying to talk them out of their stupid conviction. They call you judgemental, vociferous (love that word...) and even, yes,  intimidating.

And with that we're at square one again. Dumb people who mistake your passioned argumenting for intimidation.  Remember this, dumb people, and remember it well:

If you can't defend your opinion then you shouldn't voice it. Shut the hell up.


Oh and by the way,


Dumb people still suck!


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