Personality tests

Someone somehow randomly bludgeoned his way into a conversation I was having today by suddenly announcing that he was the Dutch Stratego champion. How he had snuck up on us or how he figured we would find this interesting I'l never know but I do know I felt the distinct urge to smack down this man with the meanest bit of sarcasm he was ever likely to encounter. I'm not sure why didn't. Instead, I allowed him to have his little bit of attention before he slithered off again to some other conversation to wreck. Nice going, asshole.

I don't know how people manage to completely focus their lives around one insignificant little aspect of it. Especially if that aspect is playing Stratego. You must at one point come to the realisation that your life is utterly meaningless and that you might be better off running into a brick wall from time to time, just to create an ugly scar that makes people resent you. At least then, you'd have some sort of thing going for you. Everyone loves a deformed hermit. Especially the hermit part.......

Anyway, I was tricked into taking one of those stupid personality tests. It tested what supervillian I would be if, you know, supervillains are real instead of imaginary. I was dr Doom. Yippee.

I don't understand why people take these tests. Is it so that they have no personalities of their own and try to compensate by imagining them being other people? Imaginary ones? From a comic book? Of a dollar?

Its not even all that hard to come up with one of those damn personality tests. You just write a bunch of stupid questions and hope that your site gets lots of hits because you throw dozens of pop up banners at them. The internet audience is usually to stupid to realise this. Thats why I'm gonna give you:


The personality test

For this test you only have to do one thing.  Do not click the picture below:



Managed it? Good. You'l live a happier life because of it.


Personality tests suck!


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