Psychic powers are bullshit

Is it just me, or are the programs at national geographic getting dumber? How the hell is it the business of the national geographic (note the words national and geographic) to inform us of a project in Russia about psychics and their alledged powers? Thats not national nor is it geographic! What it is though, is complete and utter bullshit!

Get serious, there is no secret coverup to protect the next evolutionary step of mankind. We're not developing the ability to shoot lightning bolts with our minds (as cool as that would be) and there is no frikking way we can see across the glove to find secret soviet military installations. The people who claim they can do these things are either morons, Al Gore or desperate for attention (the last two are kinda the same but still....). I hate the documentaries that inform the dumb masses of the western world about these fakes as they all follow the same stupid concept:

-Deep voiced narrator. A guy thats probably almost dead gets to do the voice work ensuring the mysterious atmosphere catches on well. He uses words like 'can it be so?' or 'is the human mind capable of this?' a lot and are generally reading some more of the worlds worst written text.

-Wobbly music. Braaawhaaawhaaaw. Stuff like that. Just like the deep voiced narrator, this emphasises the mysterious atmosphere and it tries to lull the viewer into a state of near sleep to become susceptible for the stupid theories that follow.

-Pictures of the brain. Sure....why not? Show us the human brain, in slices, in CGI or in a jar and we'l start believing in no time.

-Interviews with fake scientists. I must admit I was unaware that we had actual quantumfysicists in the scientific world. So what does a quantumfysicist do all day? Explore the final frontier? Invent stuff like transporters and warp drives? Gets interviewed for dumb documentaries? I find it far more likely that these men are fakes or at the very least, getting paid to say stuff they don't believe.

-Interviews with fake psychics. This is the part of this type of documentary that pisses me off the most. They actually let the morons claiming to have their mysterious powers talk for quite some time! The regular weird bullshit is spouted every time. Here are some of the things they say:

 "It is such a burden to have this power."

"I knew it was my duty to help people."

"I see water...."

"If you have seen what I have seen you would believe too."

How can any right-brained person even for a moment believe these people are genuine? They are lunatics, ready to be put away!

The only thing worse then fortune teller psychics are the so-called polcie phychics. Police psychics have been claiming to solve crimes for years and they've always been full of crap, from the very beginning. The record of crimes they solved still firmly stands to zero. What they are good at is wasting time:


MANCHESTER, NH—More than 36 hours after the disappearance of 13-year-old Heather Jordan, Manchester police hired local psychic Lynette Mure-Davis to help waste their valuable time Monday. "I see a river... and along the banks is an outcropping with five lilac bushes," said Mure-Davis, who then paused a full 90 seconds to "collect vibrations" from Jordan's scarf. "I also see a man... tall, but stocky, wearing... a hat. And an animal, perhaps a dog." As of press time, Jordan was still trapped under a collapsed utility shed three blocks west of her house


Don't believe their bullshit! Don't be taken in by their charisma or their deep voices. These people are full of shit, always have been and always will be. Bullshit, bullshit,bullshit


Fake psychics suck!


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