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Public enemies

I went to see a couple of movies while in the UK. One with explosions and lasers and rockets and one that was actually good. I figure its classy to start with the good one before churning out yet another article on how awesome lasers are.

Public enemies. The movie where Jack Sparrow and Batman finally have their long awaited showdown. jack Sparrow, now a 1930's bankrobber has little trouble getting funds and has surrounded himself with more competent pirates then ever. The money is flowing but the US government has declared war on him. And Batman is coming in with guns blazing.

Batman, now a 1930's policeman knows that his promotion depends on him catching Jack Sparrow and he knows the best way to do this is to track him down and open fire with many, many Thompson machineguns on as many occasions as possible. Gods, those things are awesome.

The story is perfect, the actors are great, the action is good. Frankly, the thing that bothered me most during this movie was the idiot sitting next to me who wasn't accustomed to movies actually having scenes where nothing explodes and kept trying to distract me. The final showdown between our two beloved heroes is nothing short of epic and is in many reminiscent of the brief showdown between Al pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat. Just watching these titans of acting facing off is rewarding in itself, even if it hasn't happened historically.

Its always easier to talk about movies if you hate them but the simple truth is that Public enemies is a good solid movie from beginning to end. I loved it even if it can't score that high on the MI table but as I said before, sometimes that's just not important at all.


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