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Punisher: warzone

 This is exactly why movies were created in the first place. To show us lots of humanly impossible badassery , borderline psychotic violence and Newman from Seinfeld to wisecrack it all together into a more or less coherent film.

 Punisher: warzone is not a family friendly movie. It depicts the one man war on crime of Frank Castle and unlike most superheroes he uses guns and if its not the guns that kill people then Frank most assuredly will. I donít think Iíve seen such a high body count since I watched a remake of Hamlet. The dude kills everybody. That might have been the tagline and the plot synopsis rolled into one.

 To counterbalance Frank murderous spree of justice thereís a man called Jigsaw, so called because his face was stitched back together like a puzzle. No reference intended to some other famous man called Jigsaw Iím sure. At any rate, Jigsaw figured that the only way to stop a gun crazy superlunatic you need to be at least twice as crazy and luckily he has a crazy brother locked up in an asylum. Convenient!

 The resulting battle between the lunatic brothers and the lunatic hero who literally thinks nothing of shooting a handcuffed criminal in the face with a shotgun is an interesting piece of movie making. Jigsaw appears as general Patton with the American flag at his back calling for all criminals to unite and Punisher growls a lot and shoots people. And square right down in the middle we find:


 Well hello Newman. This is the first movie role I see Newman since he got eaten by dinosaurs and played basketball with aliens. Heís surprisingly funny even when he tries to be serious. Must be the chubbiness. Fat makes everyone funny.

 For a direct to DVD release (at least here in the Netherlands) this was a pretty awesome movie. There was no skimping on the action, the punisher was actually a believable if somewhat psychotic character and to provide the over the top lunacy there were the loony brothers. All in all, fine entertainment.


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