I can't take it anymore.....seriously, its everywhere. Its unavoidable, unescapable and utterly maddening and I'm not even talking about news on the Iraq war! (although thats starting to get old too....)

Rapmusic has been busy storming the charts for quite some time now and its exploded to the point that we can't really get around it. Its a rare occasion that I see a good old song that's nice to listen too (you know, with guitars and stuff) and this song usually comes right in between two rap music songs.

Its tough to figure out why rap is so popular. It sure can't be the lyrics. Look at these prime examples:

"Its my birthday"  (50 cent)

"Drop it like its hot, drop it like its hot." (snoop dog)

What the hell? That doesn't even mean anything! Thats just 3 minutes of bullcrap attacking my ears. Bullcrap they get paid ridiculous amounts of money for. Money that could be used to produce more rock music! Rock music, you time wasting, money sucking gits!

Most rappers have the frustrating tendency to sing about their life. While this can produce very deep lyrics while they are underground and singing about life in the getto, it completely loses its meaning once they're rich and famous and can't sing about anything but how rich they are. They might as well start singing this:

"Bitches, bitches, cash. Bitches bitches, money."

The worst point was reached when puff daddy started singing that people were stepping on his toes and he hated the holes. What holes he meant was never explained nor will we ever figure out who was stepping on his toes. Our prayers that he will one day quit making music have so far gone unanswered (more proof that there is no God. Maybe I should try voodoo, that seems promising.)

Perhaps we should start hoping that rapsingers will be overcome by some great disaster because I doubt we'l be able to get rid of them ourselves. Perhaps an alien invasion will help. Surely, any intelligent lifeform from outer space will despise rapmusic? Hope springs eternal.


Rapmusic sucks!


Back to the world of rules and sucks


Is someone stepping on your toes?