Reading and alcohol

I can't stand people who get it in their dumb heads that they have some sort of moral superiority just because they don't drink alcohol. Its almost as bad as the people who assume they have social superiority just because they have a girl/boy friend.

So yeah, I often spend fridays and sundays having a hangover and yeah I can't go to many days without a beer (in fact I could go with one right now) but how the hell is that your business and where the hell did you get the idea that you're in a position to berate me on it? If I don't make an appointment because of it ok, if you want to make fun of me because of how stupid I behaved, fine, but don't say stuff like 'don't do it'or 'its bad for you' because that irates the living shit out of me. If I get it in my head to kill brain cells with alcohol that must be because of my deeply rooted hatred for braincells for all you should care. Don't presume you know anything about alcohol or its effects when you never had it. If your knowledge is based on government propaganda and you go with that then you're an idiot.

How about this? I'l continue being a frequently drunk type who occasionally provides some entertainment and you shut the hell up? If you one day grow a social life and decide to join in in the drinking and fun making, fine. Don't presume you're a better human being because you're not. In fact, you're not much of a human being at all, just a sober grunty son-of-a-bitch with no personality and a massive amount of time on his hands.

I'd  like to finish this rant with a quote from the great philosopher Oliver Barkley, who's collected work should be in any beer lovers collection:


'The day I read about the bad effects of alcohol was the day I stopped reading'


Beer philosophy rules!



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