The time is finally here! After the complete and utter failure of the fake democracy that we were left with here in Holland the time is right to finally create the perfect state that we've all been dreaming of. The social paradise for all the workers that we didn't dare hope for in our wildest dreams! A state that just may be in favour of NOT deporting all foreigners to camps right before tossing them in the Nortsea. One that just might appreciate the role that these foreign workers play in our economy and who might appreciate the fact that we use them for virtually every disgusting job that we can't be bothered with to do ourselves. A state that's not run by a sadistical, evil hell-spawned hellion of a woman who just might come gunning for our immortal souls right after she's done kicking all the foreigners out. 

Remember december 13th as the day when things went wrong in Holland ocne again. A time when multiple unique things happened. How the hell can a government fall 3 times in just 4 years? How is it possible that a government that has already fallen falls again? How could poor Thorbecke foresee so much stupidity when he wrote the Dutch constitution? How could anyone in general foresee so much stupidity? How is it possible that there still are people who think JP Balkenende is a decent prime minister? Where are those people hiding now? How is it possible that shadow raiders was cancelled from dutch TV?

All questions that demand answers! The people demand the government that we voted into parliament and that the government who managed to fail for 4 years in a consecutive row now finally gets lost, or better yet, gets dumped in the Costa Rican jungle to be eaten by dinosaurs! Rita Verdonk, get back to your master and give our regards to good old Satan. How's he been these years?

So lets call on the masses! Bring forth the people. Lets gather at the icecream cart in the Binnenhof at the Hague with your Dutch flags. Bring family, dogs and grandmothers and scream out loudly:

Viva la Revolution!



Revolution would rule!


Back to the world of rules and sucks

Onward to victory!