Sideburns update

The balance on sideburns a while back was kinda inconclusive. On one side I figured they have a sort of caveman-like charme while on the other side I seriously considered branding them as unwanted annoying facial desecration. In the end I settled on something in between as is readable in my first article on sideburns.

Anyway, some new evidence came up in the form of this T-shirt:

Yes, take a good long look as this is a T-shirt that you're not likely to see all that often again. Its the shirt of a bandmember of Third half, a very much excellent band that managed to keep me entertained for the entire saturday night and some of the sunday night and morning.

While it does little to sway my personal opinion, it does go a long way in demonstrating the public opinion on this particular subject and that is very nicely phrased here. Ass kickin' sideburns rock. Well yes, if sideburns would strike out at unsuspecting asses, that would rock. Very much actually. So much that I might consider renaming this site to commemerate the striking victories of sideburns in the past present and possible future. I see a world of ass kicking sideburns where the human race has been exterminated.

Ok, thats taking it a bit far. However the balance for sideburns has somewhat shifted. Whilst I still see them as being a somewhat failed attempt at a shave and certainly wouldn't by my style, I suppose the people are a impressionable lot and might go and follow a new craze any time soon. However, the whole ass kicking thing is to good to ignore and I'l go with that for the moment. Please notice the focus on the ass kicking part.

Whatever I say from now doesn't do it much credit so let the image do the talking:




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I have dreams of sideburns kicking my ass. Do you know a good therapist?