Solomon Burke

Yes, I know you have no idea who this is. If you already know who he is then send me a mail and you'l receive my compliments.

Burke is probably one of my greatest heroes in music even though I don't have one of his albums. Fact is, it was through a cover a song of his that I became a fan of jazz music and have been so ever since. Good jazz is like porn, it never disappoints, doesn't whine afterwards, doesn't moan and groan when you're enjoying it and best of all, it doesn't get headaches, ever.

Burke wrote a song called 'everybody needs somebody'. Ring a bell? It might, because its probably the best song ever. Well, mostly because the blues brothers covered it in their movie of course. Who can forget John Belushi and Dan Akroyd in their role as Jake & Elwood Blues? Seriously, I don't think its possible to forget.

It was the happiest moment of my recent life when I saw the cover band 'the Blues brothers' in Eindhoven. John belushi is regrettably long dead but the guy on the stand that night came reasonably close. As close as you might expect anyway. Singing songs older then most of us and entertaining screaming audiences (well, I was screaming for one...) Let me tell you, it made me experience a little more confidence in the human race again. Thank god, we're not all fans of the pussy cat dolls.........

The fact that it was a coverband was a bit of a shame. Surely there are bands who still write songs like this? Perhaps we need to look back to men like Solomon Burke for guidance and support. Even the Rolling Stones have covered 'everybody needs somebody' at some point, meaning this was one hell of a song. Good music has a way of finding its way back to the people, no matter how thick and dence they have become of listening to hardstyle or other head pounding crap.

It is still possible to make good music and listen to it, do not despair!


Solomon Burke has shown us the way and he rules!


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