The march of stupidity

Is it just me or is the human race actually getting more stupid?  I don't believe how a prick like LePen can get as many votes as he did in France in the past and I don't believe how the youth of today can actually be turning towards fascism again as the solution for problems. Its almost as hard to believe why the belgiums would vote for a extremist right-wing party again because apparently they are dealing with swarms of foreigners who all hide behind bushes, waiting for the chance to steal their jobs. "Look, its a hard working, honest belgian. Lets take his job!!!"

Thats not happening people. If Poles or Maroccans come and they get your job then that means you were either a whiny bastard or not working hard enough. I thought people would be sensible enough to see this... if employers can pay these people as little as they do then why the hell don't you demand equal wages for everyone? Why waste your perfectly useable energy on bitching on foreigners? Why not waste it on protesting for equal wages? There's only one language the governments of Europe understand and thats the language of love. The language of EXPLOSIVES!!. Go forth brave Belgians and burn down Brussels!!

As good as the image of a burning Brussels is and as much as I enjoy making fun of Belgium, its happening here too. Take a look at this piece of shit:

Monkeycrap on a stick! It must be the janitor of a public toilet in the Hague who has weaseled his way into a suit and into the parliament! Unfortunately, he got there by getting enough votes and he's all for throwing Muslims out of the country and stopping the 'Tsunami of islamisation". Not only does he scoff in the face of the Tsunami victims but he's also a blatant and clear rascist. Next step, he'l want to throw all Jews in jail and then execute all people who aren't blond and blue eyed. Stupid? Yeah, no one saw Hitler's horrors coming either.

Why are we so stupid to take the same path again? How can we fall for this trick? We follow some populist schmuck who spouts stupid stuff you can't disagree with (take the TV's from the prisons and invest the money in healtcare) and gets followers from amongst the dumbest of the population and thanks to the rampant alcoholism amongst our youth his ideas catch hold and the schools are filled with rascists who make Hitler signs and talk about his 'good works'. (I have seen this first hand)

We need to remember. Every generation seems to forget the lessons learned by the previous and keeps making the same mistake. I get froth at the mouth each time some dumb asshole says to me 'History is unimportant, thats all in the past...' Learn from your past you dumbass or at least have the decency of ending up sweeping the courtyard of Phillips all day. Stupidity and rascism are rife and it pisses me off.


Stupidity sucks!


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