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Tasty surprise

Between recovering from my recent viewing of Totally spies and being busy with preparing for the second term of the school year I wasnít happy. The second term would see my regular return to my school where Iím attempting to complete a 1st degree teacher study and it is boring as hell. I remembered what it was like to study long books about barely interesting topics and listen to the same dude rant on about the Phoenicians for 5 hours straight and I thought I could take it again. For just 3 years. How hard could it be?

Now, a year further Iím revising that. Studying when youíre doing a grownup job like full-time teacher is hard. It also drives you borderline nuts with worry. I decided to take a term off to catch up on my work. I didnít catch up but at least I got a nicely painted warhammer army to add to my collection. However, due to my slacking I now have to get at least something done in the two weeks remaining and so I went, back to the rainy city of Tilburg to get to work. It sucked. I hated going back. I hated walking into those boring grey damp corridors and I hate this damn computer Iím typing this with.

But, then I saw the light. The salvation. The rescue. The enlightenment.


While I was away a subway was opened right across the street! Praise to whatever deity is out there! Praise Allah and Buddha and Jahweh and Shiva and Mick Jagger! Please, Subway,  grant me the strength to get through the boringness and get my damn degree.


Hail to thy fresh delicious goodness!


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