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One hell of a sunday

The following sunday probably took place some weeks ago. I've only recently recovered the photo's on my phone and decided they might make for a mildly entertaining article. I'll try to piece together the events by these pictures.


The sunday was spend listening to music. Music is good. I like music. Especially if its done with nothing but guitars and drum sets. Due to me being an idiot I arrived an hour early and had to amuse myself with pints of beer.


More music but with different people. This leads me to believe there were actually two different bands playing that day! (nothing gets past me)


I'm a man who prefers his toilets as primitive as possible. A hole in the ground would be fine. Hell, I'd pee against a tree if they planted one in a bar. No facilities is fine with me. The world is our toilet. Am I right, men?


Every single time I've been drunk in this town I end up making noise in front of the Goblin store. Luckily I was with people who seemed to have the same idea.

And so, a sunday ended. may many of its kind follow.


Sunday can rule!


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