Ok, I give up

I have no idea how to make a decent button for more efficient navigation and I lost all interest in it. This program sucks and microsoft needs to be burned to the ground for my personal satisfaction.

Technology is always out to block my path. Whether its cell phones, computers, televisions, DVD players or those damn revolving doors at my school, technology seems to hate me and I hate it in return!

Everything went wrong the moment we invented the microchip. Why did we need it anyway? Weren't things just fine before we thought it would be nice to have a machine that will make our great grand children pull their hair out in sheer frustration and have their grand children become unapproachable zombies that have attention for nothing else but their thrice cursed gameboy?

I hate the WII! What the hell kind of name is WII anyway? I'l never own a console in my life, of that I'm certain. Instead, I'l live in frustration each time I see commercials that show utterly ridiculous people pretending to be ninja's and WW2 soldiers while holding two white sextoys they wildly swing about. I bet they shout battlecries while doing so too! Where's the good days when you didn't need to pretend being a soldier and were dropped from an airplane to fight the nazi's? If you don't find that idea appealing then don't pretend to play a soldier in a conflict you probably don't know anything of! Read a book!

Its the same with every other console piece of crap out there. The playstation 3 caused so much of a hype amongst the stupid masses of this world that some dumb prick even banged his head against a giant metal pole in a frantic rat race to get one of the things. You don't make that kind of stupidity up....

To shorten a long and boring story, we need some alternatives to entertainment through technology and perhaps even (gasp) use some imagination again. That might not be possible anymore for some of youth out there but there's nothing out there a good slap in the face can't cure. After all, video game addicts are all whiny little pussies who can't put up much of a fight. Kick them and take their stuff!


Technology sucks!


PS: yes, I'm aware of the irony of using technology to bring you this message. Don't bother pointing that out....


Back to the world of rules and sucks

Wii apparently stands for we. Why not just write we then?